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Activity Log Screen in Dog Assistant iOS App
Manage Pack Screen in Dog Assistant iOS App
What is Dog Assistant Life?
Dog Assistant Life is an enhanced version of our best-selling app Dog Assistant. Features such as our Activity Log and Chat function coupled with our newly added Weight Tracker, Medication and Vaccination tracker, and easily exportable data will allow family, friends, and dog walkers to work together to manage your dog’s day to day activities.
How do I add a dog?
Tap the ADD DOG button in the dog selection menu. Add an optional photo of your dog, and enter your dog’s name and birthdate. Then tap ADD.
How do I switch between dogs?
Tap the circle of the dog you wish to select. A green circle will appear around the selected dog.
How do I use the activity log?
Simply press the + tab in the Activity Log, and then record the activity, time(s), and any relevant notes about that activity.
How do pack members take care of your dog together?
The activity log is crucial in ensuring that you and your pack are informed of your dog’s activities. Each member of the pack shall receive an alert every time a member inputs an activity, allowing all members to work together to effectively take care of your dog. Over time, you will see patterns which will help you efficiently manage your dog’s daily activities, including pee/poop, walk, play, training, eat/drink and sleep schedules.
How do I identify patterns?
Tap STATS within the Activity Log to see your dog’s average number per day of an activity over a 7, 14, and 30 day period. Tap PATTERNS in the STATS page to see trends in the time of day of your dog’s activities over the past 7 days. For those who are potty training, remember to record any accidents (ACCIDENT toggle for Pee, Poop, Pee/Poop when adding an activity) so that you can adjust the time and frequency that you take your dog out after viewing the STATS and PATTERNS charts.
How does the journal work?
Keep a journal of your dog’s special moments and share with your pack. Simply add a title to the page and write about the moment, if you wish. You can even add a photo.
How do reminders work?
A reminder will send you a notification at the time that you specify. The notification can be configured to be daily or one-time. Reminders will not appear for the entire pack as they are intended only for the user who set the reminder.
Who can see my dog's chat?
Only the members of a pack for your dog can view a chat. Users with multiple dogs will have separate chats for each dog. Photos and text messages are supported.
How do I export my dog's data?
Tap SETTINGS in the home screen. Select the EXPORT DATA option. You are able to export all of your dog’s activity log data, journal entries, weight records, and medication/vaccination records as CSV.
When do other pack members receive notifications?
Pack members receive notifications when any member logs a new activity on the current day or sends a chat message.
How do I add a profile picture of my dog or myself?
Tap the circular image in the DOG PROFILE to add your dog’s picture. Tap SETTINGS and then YOUR ACCOUNT to add your picture. Select the images you want to use from your photo library.
What happens if I delete my dog?
Deleting your dog will remove all of your dog’s data from our server and remove all members from the pack. You cannot view, export, or recover any of your dog’s data after deletion. So, be extra careful that you do not tap the delete button if you do not want this to occur. But, if this does occur, simply add your dog again, and invite your members back into the pack.
How do I remove a member from my dog's pack?
Tap MANAGE PACK. Then, tap the three vertical dots next to the name of the user you would like to remove, and confirm the removal. Removing a user from your dog’s pack will prevent the user from viewing any of your dog’s data.
Why am I not receiving notifications?
Check your settings to make sure that notifications for Dog Assistant Life are enabled. If you are still not receiving new activity or chat messages, sign out of your account and log back in.

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